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Put the Field in Control

In construction tools are not often lost as they move from the warehouse to a crew.  Instead they are lost while the crew has the tools in the field.  They are lost as tools move from crew to crew and as crews move from job to job.  Since tool loss occurs in the filed construction tool tracking must also occur in the field. 


Our app focuses on field based construction tool tracking. Enabling crews to see what they have, search for what they need and track tools with an easy app on their phone.

Focus on the Right Problem

Many tool tracking systems are focused on solving accounting problems.  They are inventory based systems designed to connect and be an extension of your back office accounting system.  Don't focus on accounting, instead focus on the real problem.


Know who is responsible for each tool.  If everyone knows who has a tool then they are easy to find.  If each individual knows they are responsible then tool loss reduces dramatically.

Built for Construction

Construction is a unique business.  Tool tracking systems that are built for manufacturers, medical or education industries simply don't fit.  They are often generic ways to update lists and gather information.


Construction tool tracking has specific workflow steps that need to be enforced to gain the accountability and visibility needed.  Don't settle for a generic solution, get something built for your business.

Construction Tool Tracking Video


We noticed that most contractors struggle to keep track of tools and small equipment. For decades construction companies have tried to track tools using paper lists, Excel sheets and accounting systems.  These methods were always office centric and never did well tracking tools in the field where crews were constantly moving from job to job.  The wide acceptance of the smart phone is opening up new opportunities for tracking tools by contractors.  Now that each crew leader carries a phone we have an opportunity to offer a new way to track tools.  Our approach is field centric, not office centric.  It is designed from the ground up to be easy for field personnel to use and thus it is changing how companies track their tools and equipment.


If field personnel take personal responsibility for the tools and equipment that they are borrowing from the company then most tool tracking problems are solved.  Tool loss is a factor of accountability.  Tools are lost, stolen and broken because workers know they won't be held accountable.  After all, if a company cared about their tools and equipment wouldn't they track the stuff?  Since nobody tracks the tools then obviously nobody cares.  This attitude is what leads to the high level of tool loss in construction.  Our app attacks this attitude.  We believe that if built correctly technology can encourage responsibility and build a culture of accountability around tool tracking.  This one element solves most of the tool related problems in construction.


We will host your tool catalog in our web based system.  Thus, there is no software for you to install.  You can connect to the system using an app on your phone.  We built our app natively on both Apple and Android to ensure that it works efficiently on each platform.  We seamlessly update all your company phones and our web interface with each new release so that you are always on the latest version. 

Your job is hard enough.  Construction tool tracking should be easy.  Let us make it easy for you!



Turner tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Aptus tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
White Electrical  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Power Works Electric tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Habitat for Humanity  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Sletten  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
McCarthy Improvement  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
MacCormick Plumbing  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
AOS tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Empire Painting  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Home Source  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Fry Mechanical  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox

Keep it Simple

Construction tool tracking is something that should be simple.  Your job is hard enough.  Let us make this areas simple.  ShareMyToolbox is simple to setup.  It is easy to use.  We intentionally are not adding every feature to the system.  Instead, we are keeping it simple.  The system makes it easy for you to know who is responsible for each tool.  The system makes it easy to search for a tool you need in the field.  Most of all the system makes keeping an up to date tool inventory automatic for the company. 

Stop looking at complicated tool tracking solutions.  Keep it simple and get started with ShareMyToolbox today.


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