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In construction tools are not often lost as they move from the warehouse to a crew.  Instead they are lost while the crew has the tools in the field.  They are lost as tools move from crew to crew and as crews move from job to job.  Since tool loss occurs in the filed construction tool tracking must also occur in the field. 


Our app focuses on field based construction tool tracking. Enabling crews to see what they have, search for what they need and track tools with an easy app on their phone.

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We noticed that most contractors struggle to keep track of tools and small equipment. For decades construction companies have tried to track tools using paper lists, Excel sheets and accounting systems.  These methods were always office centric and never did well tracking tools in the field where crews were constantly moving from job to job.  The wide acceptance of the smart phone is opening up new opportunities for tracking tools by contractors.  Now that each crew leader carries a phone we have an opportunity to offer a new way to track tools.  Our approach is field centric, not office centric.  It is designed from the ground up to be easy for field personnel to use and thus it is changing how companies track their tools and equipment.



Turner tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
White Electrical  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Power Works Electric tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Habitat for Humanity  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox
Sletten  tracks tools with ShareMyToolbox

Keep it Simple

Construction tool tracking is something that should be simple.  Your job is hard enough.  Let us make this areas simple.  ShareMyToolbox is simple to setup.  It is easy to use.  We intentionally are not adding every feature to the system.  Instead, we are keeping it simple.  The system makes it easy for you to know who is responsible for each tool.  The system makes it easy to search for a tool you need in the field.  Most of all the system makes keeping an up to date tool inventory automatic for the company. 

Stop looking at complicated tool tracking solutions.  Keep it simple and get started with ShareMyToolbox today.


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Getting started is easy. 

  • Step 1 - Sign up for the Free 14 Day Trial

  • Step 2 - Setup some tools & users to test the system

  • Step 3 - Call us with any questions and then you will be ready to subscribe.

Tool tracking can be simple.  Let us show you how!

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